Lake Rules

Forest Lakes Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Recreational Use

Please read carefully through our rules and regulations. Bristlecone Lake is owned and maintained by the Forest Lakes Metropolitan District (“FLMD”). Pinon Lake is owned by the City of Colorado Springs and FLMD and maintained by FLMD. Bristlecone and Pinon Lakes are together referenced as the “Lakes” and the amenities in and around the Lake are referred to as “Lake Property.” These Rules and Regulations may be amended at any time by the District with or without notice.
FLMD has contracted with the Forest Lakes Residential Owners Association (“Association”) to allow the Association to manage and regulate the recreational use of the Lakes and Lake Property. FLMD may adopt Rules and Regulations in addition to those stated herein and may post signs and other requirements as necessary.


Forest Lakes Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Recreational Use

Recreational Rules and Regulations

Bristlecone Lake and Park are owned and maintained by the Forest Lakes Metropolitan District (District) and managed by the Forest Lakes Residential Owners Association (HOA). The Lake serves as a drinking water source. NO bodily contact with water is permitted. There are NO lifeguards or emergency services present. Use of the Lake its amenities, and Park are at your own risk. Children should be supervised by an adult.


General Regulations

  1. Glass: Containers and bottles are Strictly Prohibited at Park and Lake.
  2. Pets: Shall be kept on leash and under human physical control at all times. Animal waste shall be removed immediately.
  3. Overnight Camping/Parking: Cars, trucks, trailers, tents, RV’s, campers or boat storage are Strictly Prohibited.
  4. Fires/Grills: Strictly Prohibited unless at a permitted event.
  5. Sale of Goods and Services: Strictly Prohibited.
  6. Misc. Equipment: Skateboards, roller skates/blades, scooters are prohibited.
  7. Trails: NO motorized vehicles of any kind on designated trail system or Park. Stay on designated trails outside park to preserve endangered species and maintain natural conditions.
  8. Smoking: Smoking of any type to include cigarettes, cigars, marijuana and e-cigarettes are prohibited.
  9. Alcohol: Strictly prohibited unless authorized by the HOA for an approved event.
  10. Litter and Waste: Depositing litter or waste (Park or Lake) in any other place than waste receptacles is Prohibited.
  11. Noise and Sound Amplification:  Excessive and disruptive music or sound may be restricted at the sole discretion of the HOA Management staff to preserve the peace and comfort of all visitors.
  12. Special Events and Gatherings: Any athletic, recreational, social, special event or gathering of more than Ten (10) people (spectators or participants) requires a reservation. Reservation agreements can be obtained from the HOA management 30 days in advance of an event. A reservation fee and deposit may be required.
  13. Permitted Activities: Forest Lakes Metro District and the Forest Lakes Residential Owners Association and its agents reserve the right to deny Permits, Reservations and access to the Lake and the Lake amenities at their sole discretion. Use of the facilities are undertaken at the user’s risk.
  14. HOA Functions: The HOA reserves the right to have special events at the park/amphitheater for the benefit of the community that may have amplified noise and activity from time to time.
  15. Fireworks/Pyrotechnics: Strictly Prohibited unless it is an HOA approved and/or permitted event.
  16. Firearms: Discharging of firearms, or any projectile weapons/toys are prohibited.
  17. Park Hours: One half hour prior to sun-up to one half hour after sunset.


Lake Regulations

  1. Lake and Dock: The Lake and Dock are specifically Accessible by PERMIT ONLY through the HOA. District Residents are automatically issued a permit at closing of Lot or Home. Non-Residents must purchase a Permit (annually) through the HOA to access the Lake Activities and Dock only.
  2. Swimming and Water Activity: Any bodily contact with water is Strictly Prohibited. Water contact sports such as wading, diving, windsurfing, sailboarding and radio controlled boats are Prohibited. Belly boats, single chambered floatation devices, including inflatable rafts, inner-tubes, and inflatable mattresses are also Prohibited.
  3. Watercraft: Motorized watercraft (gas or electric) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  Non-Motorized hand-launched or “car top” boats only, such as kayaks, row boats and canoes are permitted on lake (car top boats are those that can be lifted from top of passenger vehicle and no more than 18 feet in length). No trailer hitched boats.
  4. Pets: Pets are Strictly Prohibited from entering in Lake, on watercraft or dock.
  5. Clean Your Boat: All boats and water contact equipment must be thoroughly cleaned prior to entering the Lake to prevent the introduction of non-native aquatic species.
  6. Boat Launching: Watercraft must be launched from the dock. If watercraft is too big, it must be launched next to dock. Other than launching, tying boats off to dock is prohibited. Boat launching will be closed for the season when ice conditions exist.
  7. Weather: Wind and weather can be unpredictable and change rapidly. Be aware of cloud build up, sudden changes in temperature, wind direction and speed. Use of watercraft is at your own risk.
  8. Ice: Access on frozen or partially frozen Lake is STRICTLY PROHIBITED for ANY reason.
  9. Hours: Boats are allowed on Lake one half hour before sunrise and one half hour after sunset.


Fishing Regulations

  1. Permits: Allowed by PERMIT ONLY. District Residents are automatically issued a permit at closing of Lot or Home. Non-Residents must purchase a District Permit through the HOA to access the Lake Amenities, dock and to fish. A valid Colorado State fishing license is required while fishing on the Lake.
  2. Fishing: Catch and release ONLY. Artificial lures and flies with barbless hooks are allowed. Absolutely No Live bait.
  3. Ice Fishing: Strictly Prohibited.
  4. Fishing Locations: Due to endangered species, fishing is restricted to the North Shore of the Lake and from boats only. No fishing from Dam, Islands or Beaver Creek.