Water Quality

As a community water system, FLMD will be under the regulation of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment which establishes a routine water monitoring schedule. FLMD expects to have no problems meeting the applicable water quality standards.

Forest Lakes Metro District Drinking Water Quality Report. Covering Data for Calendar Year 2020

FLMD – SWAP_AUGUST_2020_080720

Water Portfolio

Forest Lakes Metropolitan District (FLMD) will ultimately utilize a mixture of surface water and groundwater to provide an adequate water supply to its residents.

The District has significant decreed Denver Basin ground water resources and owns a surface water supply by virtue of a transaction with Colorado Springs Utilities whereby it provides annually up to 660 AF of transmountain return flows to FLMD. Until the surface water treatment plant is constructed and put into service, water will be supplied by an Arapahoe aquifer well decreed for 400 AF.

The combined groundwater and surface water resources owned by the District are more than sufficient for all current and planned residential use and for future commercial uses. The District also has an Interconnection Agreement with Triview Metropolitan District whereby both districts agree to provide emergency water to one another when necessary. The physical interconnection with Triview will be in service by mid-summer of 2016.

Water Restrictions

Forest Lakes Metropolitan District (FLMD) adopted Utility Rules and Regulations on March 7, 2016 which include a detailed water conservation program.

The FLMD “water shortage” provisions are triggered based on the yield of its surface water right and specified drops in the level of Bristlecone Reservoir.

The Rules and Regulations will be available on request once adopted by the Board. While FLMD always encourages wise use of water, we do not expect it to be necessary to implement actual water restrictions in the foreseeable future.