Citizens Advisory Council Pinon Pines Metropolitan District Residents

In 2003, when the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners approved the restructuring of Forest Lakes Metropolitan District (FLMD) into an operating district (FLMD) and three taxing districts (Pinon Pines Metropolitan Districts 1, 2 and 3), it provided for the creation of a Citizens Advisory Council for residents within the FLMD service area. The creation of the Advisory Council is to occur when there are at least 50 dwelling units constructed within the Pinon Pines areas. Since we are now approaching that threshold, we will be trying to determine if there are five Pinon Pines residents who would be interested in serving on this Advisory Council. FLMD will support the Advisory Council in arranging for Council meetings at times and locations convenient to the Council Members and other Pinon Pines residents. The Council will serve as a forum for Pinon Pines residents to learn about District issues and to advise FLMD on resident issues.

If you would be interested on serving on this Advisory Council, please contact your HOA Administrator – Steve Emery of Hammersmith Management at 719-389-0700.

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