FLMD 2021 Projects



During 2021 the District will be working on a number of projects to enhance our ability to serve our customers and to improve the efficiency of the District common landscaping irrigation. The District is also a participant in a number of longer terms initiatives to potentially improve our wastewater treatment capabilities and to develop the necessary infrastructure and agreements to deliver our reusable water return flows back to the District to supplement our existing water supplies. Those longer term initiatives will be the focus of future updates to our customers.

The 2021 projects include the following:

1. Equipping the A1 well, which was drilled in 2006, to provide additional groundwater to our water system. This project has been underway for a number of months and the District has just submitted a required report on the use of the A1 well water to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Work will begin soon on the installation of a pump and motor into the well.

2. Initiation of water court filings to permit the drilling of a Denver aquifer well adjacent to the current Dillon Well on Baptist Road west of the Pilot Travel Center. The regulatory filings and drilling and equipping of a new Denver aquifer well will likely require well over a year to accomplish. This new Denver aquifer well will supplement the groundwater supply of the District.

3. Replacement of the turf grass in the playground area of Waterfront Park with astroturf. This will improve the appearance and usability of that area and reduce the amount of water required to irrigate the District common areas. 

4. Improvement of the channel diversion from Bristlecone into Pinon Reservoir. The area near the Pinon diversion is very shallow and subject to sediment buildup. Since the recent drought has left this area relatively dry, there is now an opportunity to accomplish this work with less expense than would have been true in recent past years. When accomplished, the improved channel will reduce the need for periodic maintenance and improve the ability to transfer water into Pinon when Bristlecone lake levels rise to more normal levels. 

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