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As the drought continues, with low lake levels in Bristlecone Reservoir and the prospect of abnormally warm and dry weather to continue through the summer, the Board had determined that it is prudent to continue in Stage II B water restrictions for all residents and commercial operations. The District’s Water Shortage Rules indicate that outdoor watering under Level B restrictions is limited to two days per week as follows: residential users with even numbered addresses may only irrigate on Sunday and Wednesday; residential users with odd numbered addresses may only irrigate on Tuesday and Saturday; and commercial users may only irrigate on Monday and Friday. The details of the Water Shortage Rules are available on the District’s website at The District is in the process of replacing the turf grass in the park with AstroTurf and will be taking steps to strictly control the irrigation of the District’s native grass open space areas. The District’s landscaping contractor will continue to limit irrigation for the park, open spaces and roadway landscaping to two days per week. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with questions or concerns.

Ann Nichols District Manager

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