Water Restrictions and FOG Issues

Dear Forest Lakes Metro District Customers,

Due to the unusually dry conditions that are persisting into the late spring, the Forest Lakes Metropolitan District Board elected to be proactive in addressing this issue and, at the May 7th Board meeting, approved implementation of Stage I Drought Restrictions for outdoor irrigation. While Stage I restrictions are voluntary, we strongly encourage all residents to adhere to these restrictions, which provide that outdoor irrigation should be limited to 3 days per week. We suggest that residential users with even numbered addresses only irrigate on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday and that residential users with odd numbered addresses limit outdoor irrigation to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Commercial users should only irrigate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As the late spring/summer progresses, we will continue to monitor water usage levels for our residents and the amount of irrigation required for the District landscaping and Waterfront Park. If the level of usage presents too much stress for our well, the Board may elect to go to mandatory water restrictions at some point.

We encourage our residents to review the settings on their irrigation systems to ensure that they are not over-watering established turf areas.

While many wastewater collection systems send out a FOG – E. at, Oil, and Grease – letter around the holidays, our operators have noted a very significant problem with FOG in our sanitary sewer system over the last several months.
FOG is an ongoing problem in every sanitary sewer system around the country. If you look up Articles on FOG, you will see articles from the Carolinas to California repeating the same creed: “Don’t wash your fats, oil, and grease down the drain”.
FOG consists of fat from turkey and any other animal meats, shortening, butter, bacon grease, food scraps, salad dressings, and marinades; just to name a few. Anything that hasĀ fat, oil or grease in it somewhere is a culprit. Forest Lakes Metro District and our contract operator, Donala Water and Sanitation District, suggest that when you start cleaning up after any meal, please do not throw Fat, Oil or Grease down the drain.

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